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Edge of the World

This project page contains background information, sound samples, photographs and the completed video.

Edge of the World

This work took nearly two years to complete and uses sound samples from the Levant Mine site, original art, photography, video, poetry and music. In addition, the work of UK jeweller Erica Sharpe is featured with pieces using tin from the area included in the presentation.


The project began life as a 'micro-opera' written for the 15 Minutes of Fame series of concerts in New York. 
Following the successful submission, Bucca was performed by the American soprano Jenny Greene in New York on March 24th 2013. Bucca is a dramatic piece, briefly describing life underground for one Cornish tin miner. The text was written by Kate Aranda Nye, the composer's sister.


Many photographs  were taken, video too.  Some of the photographs were then manipulated to create backgrounds and feature pieces with effects added over the top.


Sound samples were collected from the mine and many were used to create the percussion sections of the work. In addition, impulse responses from the shafts were recorded and used to create convolution reverbs. The reverbs were used on some narrated sections and throughout the work. Extracts from the New York premiere of the micro opera Bucca also feature. The choral sections are in Cornish and the poetry includes original work and a piece written to raise money following the disaster of 1919. The saxophone solos were improvised by Sarah Bolter around a theme created by rubbing a wax crayon on manuscript paper, placed on the stone bath used by the miners.

Art and Jewellery

The work of UK jeweller Erica Sharpe is featured, with images of pieces using tin from the area, included in the project.
Erica also contributed watercolours and mud portraits, painted using Levant mud - see below.

The title of the project comes from Erica's necklace, Edge of the World.








Narrator: Sam Moulton
Poetic Cornishman: Terry Whetter
Image manipulation and original poetry: Mandy Anson
Original poetry and Bucca libretto: Kate Aranda Nye
Soprano (Bucca): Jenny Greene
Saxophone: Sarah Bolter
Cornish translations: The Cornish Language Partnership
and Elizabeth Carne
Original photography and video: Heather Nye
Original artwork and jewellery: Erica Sharpe
Music and concept: Richard Nye

Thank you to all who contributed to both film and audio track and to Anthony Power, Custodian of Levant Mine.