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The creative power of a shared childhood should never be underestimated.
Their love of stories, music and drama whilst growing up, was always going to influence their first collaboration back in 2012.
It was a collaboration that witnessed New York and London premieres,
an award-winning multi-media project, publishing offers and
a steadily growing band of loyal fans.
This sister and brother team have now created their own label to help forge
this unique approach to story-telling, poetry, drama and music.



Now available

New Release
Mylenweg is the first release from Spring Hill
Original poetry
Original musical score
Unique field recordings and sound samples



The Silence of Snow is a narrated, original short story accompanied by an original musical score

The First flake fell with a gentle rocking motion, lazily making its way downwards before settling on the end of a small branch of a sapling that was reaching out from under the canopy. A large white winter moon hung low in the night sky, its luminous form muted by heavy cloud, casting an ashen glow all around. The air was still and cold and expectant.
The Earth paused.


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